K3 delivers first-class business technology solutions that enable digital transformation. Our aim is for you to get the most possible value from your IT infrastructure.

We have over 30 years’ experience in business technologies and are part of the K3 Business Technology Group (K3 BTG), the UK’s leading supplier of integrated business technology systems.

We deliver both on-premise and cloud server design and support and have the unique combination of skills, experience and ability to help your business.


The Security Surgery is a one-stop-shop for getting educated on current and emerging cybersecurity risks and discovering how your business can increase its resilience against debilitating and costly cyberattacks. It’s packed with free resources including checklists, short videos and infographics to help get your business in peak security health.

Managed Services

Managed Services

K3’s managed services help you to get the most out of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Complete maintenance and management of your business’ software, applications and systems ensures optimal performance, all while saving time, resources and budget. Check out our managed services and learn how technology can work harder for you.

application hosting

application hosting

Applications are the backbone of business – and K3 are seasoned experts at hosting them, with decades of experience and hundreds of clients. We host apps via our resilient and secure business-class cloud environment, so you benefit from exceptional app performance and availability. And as a Microsoft, Sage and SYSPRO partner, you’re guaranteed enhanced flexibility and service.



The K3|cloud is our dedicated cloud platform, built from the ground up by our experts to run critical, line of business applications. Its exceptional performance and resilience, flat, unmetered pricing and robust cybersecurity make enterprise class a reality for everyone. And, with no microtransactions or CAPEX spend, it’s easier than ever to manage cloud budgets.



Hacking, malware and data breaches are some of today’s greatest threats to business stability, continuity and profitability. K3’s class-leading range of detection, filtering and prevention software and managed services help to increase your resilience against cyberattack. Check out our cybersecurity solutions and learn about the latest digital risks.



"From the outset, K3 Starcom were open and honest, they wanted what is best for us, not what is best for them. They make sure that the systems we use suit us and work for us; both technically and financially, and their support services really are second to none." Darren Mullin,
IT Manager, The Lowry
“With inevitable seasonal spikes around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas we really value the ability to increase our server capacity thanks to the cloud hosted model. Predictability means costs tend to be flat and it’s quite easy to budget accordingly” Mike Thomas,
IT Director, Hobbycraft
“K3 take the worry away which allows me to concentrate on other things. We know the support team are just a phone call away, whenever required. They should be proud of the level of trust they’ve built at English Heritage, it’s thoroughly deserved.” Kevin Churchill,
Information Systems Support Manager, English Heritage

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