With a new “normal” characterised by remote work and online sales and customer service, data backup has inevitably become a central conversation point for IT experts and business leaders alike. And with companies needing to adapt quickly and efficiently to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, many have made the pragmatic decision to use cloud-based Microsoft 365 – whether utilising current subscriptions in greater capacity or signing up for the first time.

K3 cannot recommend tools like Microsoft 365 more strongly. It is an essential business continuity tool which also delivers the flexibility, efficiencies and communication platform needed to gain a competitive edge and overcome truly uncharted circumstances.

However, to ensure that Microsoft 365 is only a positive and powerful cloud solution, we advise using a specialist managed Backup product to avoid catastrophic data loss, GDPR non-compliance and that all-important operational downtime. Want to find out more? Here are the 4 things you need to know about Microsoft 365 Backup before getting started.


  1. Microsoft 365 Backup means accidentally deleted files are recoverable

Many businesses mistakenly believe that Microsoft 365 alone ensures that data is recoverable, as well as backed up. However, if a file (or any other data for that matter) is intentionally or accidentally deleted from OneDrive or SharePoint for example, it’s usually permanently gone. Microsoft have a “shared responsibility” model which means although they offer data storage replication and redundancy, they aren’t responsible for restoring any data lost through intrusion attacks or user error.

Although you can reach out to Microsoft when disaster strikes, in general they won’t be able to help because you are responsible for data loss from human error. The rapid rollback and file search functions in managed backup products ensures that files, emails or data are quickly recoverable should the worst happen.


  1. Microsoft 365 Backup is customisable to how your business really operates

In today’s “always on” world, it is somewhat naïve to assume that nightly backups are sufficient for everyone. For many organisations, data will need backing up far more frequently to avoid a business a critical incident (such as lost connections, cyberattacks or GDPR breaches).

K3’s Microsoft 365 Backup ensures that Exchange mailboxes are backed up every 4 hours, and OneDrive and SharePoint accounts every 6 hours – although a more frequent backup schedule can be configured. This solution is also highly customisable to account, device and data types to maximise cost efficiencies, while we utilise specialist software to analyse files marked for backup to reduce bandwidth and storage.


  1. It reduces risks and costs stemming from inactive users

Did you know that in Microsoft 365, an active license is required to access data? Although this is an important safety measure, it also means that when an employee leaves the business or deactivates an account, you lose access to files or customer data created or stored by that employee. To retain access, you must continue paying the subscription fee and by holding an inactive user open, also make your business vulnerable to data breach or cyberattack.

Microsoft 365 Backup enables you to archive and retain the data from inactive user accounts before you delete them, so that you maintain ownership and control – without paying endless subscription costs. If your business falls under regulations with data-retention requirements, this product is an invaluable tool. And in the current climate, no doubt many more of us will be storing data in the cloud.


  1. You’ll get support at the most critical time

Being faced with data loss can be overwhelming and in these crisis conditions, it really is another stressful event you don’t need. A managed Microsoft 365 Backup product puts recovery into the hands of an expert team that will be totally dedicated to the task at hand.

K3 delivers reliable and quick recovery, ensuring that important data and communications are restored with minimal impact on business operations or customer service. And, all support options are available as fixed monthly payment plans with no upfront costs.

K3’s backup product protects against data loss within Microsoft 365, including Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint. We deliver a fully managed service to quickly search for and recover files, emails or data lost due to user or IT error and administer protection across accounts, devices and varying data types. For more information, view our product guide or please email enquiries@k3btg.com or call +44 844 579 0800.


by Tom Mercer

Customer Relationship Manager - MSP

A business technologies specialist for over 8 years, with unrivalled expertise in helping customers to maximise their business systems, hosted solutions and cybersecurity through support and account management.