Cloud Services

K3 Cloud, Hosted and Managed Services are experts at helping businesses streamline, drive productivity, enhance agility and boost security through the deployment and management of various cloud hosted solutions. Whether choosing a public or private cloud, customers benefit from our strategic and technical expertise and ongoing management.

Our private cloud services require no upfront CAPEX investment and run on pay-as-you-go models for effective cost management and visibility.

For more about our dedicated, in-house engineered private cloud, the K3|cloud, please click here. It delivers the performance, resilience and security benefits of a private cloud with the scalability and pricing of a public cloud – making enterprise class possible for all.



A data and application backup model which is designed to protect your business against total system failure by replicating and hosting your business data and applications offsite on our cloud servers. Our award-winning solution means that you can rest assured that IT systems are securely backed up so you can continue with minimal disruption.


We provide virtualised services such as servers, storage and networking on demand via our Cloud infrastructure. This means that you can achieve optimal performance without placing unnecessary demand on your IT team or incurring costs to your business. Our IaaS also operates on a pay-as-you-go model so you can scale requirements according to usage.

Have access to scalable, secure and fully maintained and managed storage infrastructure without investing in cost-driving hardware. Our STaaS ensures that your data remains safe and accessible, all while aligning spend with data consumption by each GB used. We also offer additional STaaS services through our partner Zadara.



Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform for building and hosting services on. It’s an open platform, which means that it supports both Microsoft and non-Microsoft environments. It provides PaaS and IaaS, as well as high density hosting, website hosting, mobile services and a plethora of data management and storage solutions. Azure can also connect cloud and on-premise platforms to deliver great value on investment.



K3 can help you understand, take advantage of and apply cloud bursting practices to the benefit of your business. Cloud bursting allows you to utilise public clouds alongside your core private cloud solution to access additional IT resources when demand increases. This process requires robust and expert management to ensure facilities are maximised and deployed in the right areas, and at the right time.