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“Whenever we have had to call on K3 Hosting for support, they have always worked hard to resolve any issues very quickly and this gives us great faith in their abilities to continue supporting our ERP infrastructure as we continue to evolve our business.” Paul Calvett, Financial Controller

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Disjointed and disparate IT systems were contributing to unnecessary spend, whilst
lack of stock visibility and disaster recovery technologies meant trading at high risk.


Fully hosted NAV ERP with complete backup, disaster recovery and support services to streamline operations, deliver genuine insights and reduce risk to business stability.

One of the UK’s largest shoe retailers has significantly reduced the amount of time it spends on manual reporting and protected its stock management information after implementing a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution from K3 Retail, managed and hosted by K3 Cloud, Hosted and Managed Services (K3) .

The Lloyd Shoe Company, which operates footwear concessions in over a thousand major UK high street stores, first implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 2011, and opted for a fully-hosted and managed solution from K3. Without the resources required to maintain the system in-house, the company invested in a full cloud solution, with back-up, disaster recovery and support services from K3 included in the deal. The fully customised solution replaced two disparate systems and as Financial Controller Paul Calvett explains, outsourcing hosting services is contributing to widespread time savings throughout the business.

“Our previous systems were not integrated and we were maintaining them ourselves, which meant we were spending a lot of time performing manual data backups. We wanted to increase our data security and protection, and for a business that is pulling in data from multiple sites throughout the UK, we need the reassurance that it is being handled, maintained, backed up, and protected by an expert such as K3.”

In the event that the business loses communications, Lloyd Shoe can operate from any other Internet-enabled location in order to continue key business functions. Furthermore, should the need arise, K3’s fully resilient architecture allows point-in-time recovery, restoring data and service in line with Service Levels. And because K3’s service is scalable and delivered within a cloud environment, Lloyd Shoe can scale its ERP infrastructure up or down as the business demands. For a growing company with multiple sites and warehousing facilities, this flexibility is key to supporting further growth.

Paul Calvett continues: “We retail stock from all over the world and store it in multiple warehouses, for delivery to over a thousand stores, so you can imagine we have a lot of business critical data running throughout our ERP system. This makes a fully managed cloud solution a very flexible and effective deployment model for us, because we are confident our system can securely and confidently support influxes of data and seasonal peaks, without collapsing or requiring additional investment or storage.

“Stock management is the lifeblood of our business, so knowing that all our stock information is secure and easily accessible is enabling us to consistently provide the very best service to all our retail customers. And in the event that we might lose access to stock information, we are confident that K3 can restore it for us very quickly, without impacting on our everyday retail operations.”

From customer information to important accounts files, all of Lloyd Shoes’ critical data is stored on K3’s secure private cloud environment where it is safe from theft and other threats. With K3 delivering all of Lloyd Shoes’ mission critical applications, the business is not only saving time in manual data protection processes, but money too, as it does not need to invest in its own expensive backup systems. In fact, just being able to operate with the peace of mind that hosting experts are available at any time on the other end of a telephone, has provided Lloyd Shoe with greater confidence in the safety and security of all its business critical data, and the time it has saved by reducing manual processes has enabled staff to concentrate on other areas to grow the business.

Paul Calvett concludes: “As a retail business, our specialty is not in IT, which is why we need to lean on a cloud ERP solution, hosted and managed by K3. It means that we do not have to spend hours of our time performing manual tasks, and we can get on with delivering a great customer experience without having to worry about the security of our data. And because K3 continually updates our system via the cloud, we don’t have to worry about outgrowing our ERP solution either.

“Whenever we have had to call on K3 for support, they have always worked hard to resolve any issues very quickly and this gives us great faith in their abilities to continue supporting our ERP infrastructure as we continue to evolve our business.”

Lloyd Shoe