Given the rising concerns over the Coronavirus, we are asking our people, where possible, to provide support for our customers using remote technologies. We have implemented measures to ensure the consistency of our services and supply chain management and should the Coronavirus have an impact on this, will notify our customers as necessary.

We will carry out regular assessments to review risks and continue to follow all safety advice and precautions as recommended by local authorities as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO).


As we face unprecedented times, large numbers of us are working at home. The rapid, mass transition to remote work is unchartered territory for businesses, and many are worried about enabling staff to do their jobs, managing new risks and making things work long term.

To support you, we created this COVID-19 IT advice hub. Here you’ll find free, downloadable resources to help you navigate the world of remote working – no matter how familiar it is to you.

From securely accessing desktops to picking the right collaboration software and ensuring remote infrastructure doesn’t buckle under demand, there’s a resource to help make remote working life easier, safer and more sustainable.


Remote working resources

12 tips to help any remote worker

Whether you’re a remote working veteran or you’ve only ever been office-based, our top tips infographic will help you to keep safe and secure when working from home. From securing your WiFi router to COVID-19 scams and mixing devices, follow these pointers to do your job with peace of mind.


O365 E1 with Teams fact sheet

As an official Microsoft partner, we are offering a 6-month trial of Office 365 E1 with access to Teams and web-based Office apps and business services! Download our fact sheet for an at-a-glance view of what’s included to get up and running with a trusted collaborative home working platform.


Remote desktop product guide

The K3 Remote Desktop enables your staff to access work PCs, applications and file storage from any location, helping to ensure your business maintains a high level of service, operations and employee connectivity. And it’s just £25 per user, per month on a 1-month rolling contract.


5 things you’re finding out about remote working

Adjusting to home working doesn’t just mean setting up your laptop on the kitchen table and carrying on as normal, it means discovering a whole new way of life. From the demands placed on you from children (or pets) for attention to a new-found respect for cyber security, our infographic takes a light-hearted look at the new normal.

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BYOD in 60 seconds video

Our latest In 60 Seconds video deals with Bring Your Own Device which many organisations will be dealing with at the moment. BYOD is undoubtedly a lifeline to keep staff working but it also provides opportunity for cyber criminals. The video highlights areas for concern and offers advice for how to mitigate risk.

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Keeping on top of hardware maintenance during lockdown

Whether it’s upholding essential infrastructure for our NHS or enabling small businesses to push through with online sales, IT hardware is working harder than ever - which calls for robust maintenance. Here is how hardware housekeeping can safely continue during lockdown.

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COVID-19 cyber scams handbook

IT is enabling us to work remotely and remain safe. But cybercriminals are exploiting the crisis – and the technology fuelling business continuity – to target us with fraudulent communications. We’ve compiled the latest and most prevalent scams to help you maintain your guard.


The IT Manager's Maintenance Checklist

Our interactive IT Manager’s Maintenance Checklist indicates the tasks you should prioritise right now to ensure ongoing resilience, availability and security. It covers your key server, network, storage and security tasks and much more, plus you can check off as you go and set timescales to help keep on track.


The New Normal IT Checklist

Our "The New Normal" IT Checklist outlines important IT and operational considerations for returning to work to help you adapt, overcome, and thrive as the way we run businesses and service customers changes. Including security and systems reviews, new operational practices and social distancing.


VPNs in 60 seconds video

Rapidly evolving cyberthreats and dependency on the internet make VPNs a critical cybersecurity tool – especially for businesses with remote users. Watch our VPNs in 60 seconds video now to get up to speed with the key facts!


Cybercrime & Covid-19 in 60 seconds video

Through preying on Covid-19 fears and exploiting vulnerabilities in new ways of working, scammers are pocketing millions. Don’t be a victim and watch Covid-19 and Cybercrime in 60 Seconds to get up to date on key techniques and targets.


Remote security audit infographic

A remote security audit highlights the associated risks of new ways of working. It also pinpoints whether reviews and updates are required to manage the new normal. But what actually happens during (and after) the audit? Our infographic explains.