Welcome to the K3 finance whitepaper 2020


Did you know that 30% of cyberattacks target finance job functions and 50% of whaling attacks target CFOs? Finance executives are a key target for cybercriminals – are you confident that you can keep your business safe? The adoption of new technology comes with increased cybersecurity risks which can quickly impact growth and stability.

But research has found that 85% of financial services companies consider digital transformation a key survival factor in today’s competitive business landscape and across the board, Financial Directors believe that modern technology skills such as AI will help to supercharge revenue in the future. It’s therefore essential that if you work in the finance industry or a finance role, cybersecurity is central to the technology you use and will invest in.

Our Protecting Your Business in the Cyberthreat Age whitepaper explains how finance executives can get the most benefit from IT but without the risks. It provides much-needed clarity, cutting through the tech noise to hand you valuable information. Inside, you learn about the opportunities and risks of today’s most important and relevant technology in the world of finance, plus recommendations to inform any investments or changes.



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by Stuart Buckley

Sales Director

An IT specialist for over 20 years, with a wealth of technical and commercial knowledge, experience and skill in managed services, cloud and hosted solutions.