Disaster recovery



Cyberattacks, hacks and data breaches are rising dramatically, with 60% of UK firms reporting one or more successful attack in 2019, and average losses reaching a staggering £283,000. With it being more likely than not that you’ll be targeted, it’s never been more important to prepare and maintain a strong frontline defence against today’s greatest business risk.

Businesses are also asking how long they could trade for in the event of a disaster, system failure or as a result of fire, flood or theft. The outcome is rarely positive, so we advise preparing for the worst with a strong disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

K3 provides a tailored IT disaster recovery service for all systems, applications and data. More than just back up, our specialists work with your business to strategise and implement a clear, efficient plan which accounts for hardware, user accessibility, site accessibility and any other business-critical IT. We shape your strategy to ensure that operations, revenue and reputation suffer minimal impact should you be unable to trade for a length of time, architecting solutions that are tailored to your business and will continue to support you as you grow. We also regularly test your disaster recovery plan to guarantee that technologies are fit for purpose.



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Not sure where to start with cybersecurity?

K3 offers a Cybersecurity Audit and because we appreciate that you like to know what you’re getting before you sign up, we made a handy infographic. Check it out here to see if it’s the no-fuss helping hand your business needs.

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