Firewall Protection



As cybercriminals become smarter, the attacks they’ll unleash on your business will become more creative and wreak more serious damage. This means that your first line of technical defence – your firewall – needs to be of the highest possible standard, and ready to protect your network from incoming threats via the internet.

Using the latest in SonicWall technologies, K3 delivers a managed firewall service to ensure your business is protected from internet-based threats. Our firewalls shield you from viruses and other malware, identifying and blocking attacks in real time, while our team proactively monitor activity for optimal performance and visibility.

Our managed service means you can benefit from the precision that comes with specialist knowledge and have peace of mind that nothing will slip the net. K3 can also take care of installation and updates.




Firewalls: back to basics

Your first line of technical defence – your firewall – needs to be strong, resiliant and robust. Firewalls: back to basics has all the information you need.

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Where does firewall protection begin and end?

Firewalls prevent internet-based threats from reaching your web servers and network. Although they can keep unwanted visitors out, they won’t actually disarm threats.

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Can your firewall do more for you? Time to activate SonicWall’s Capture ATP

If your appliance is over three years old, it may not be able to safeguard your business. Read our blog to find out how to remedy this.

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Intrusion attacks vs firewall breaches

An intrusion attack is not the same as a firewall breach - it's committed by and undertaken within your own private network. We answer key FAQs here.

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