Security Audit



In 2019, 60% of UK companies have been cyberattacked and experienced a cybersecurity breach every 50 seconds, costing British businesses a staggering £11bn per year. Everybody knows that cybersecurity is non-negotiable in today’s world of digital trading, electronic data and transformative technologies. But, with so many software, package and provider options it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Our Cybersecurity Audit is the ideal first step in getting visibility of your business’ vulnerabilities. K3’s audit is a consultative review service that highlights potential system security risks with the provision of a risk score, comprehensive report and expert recommendations.

Consider it as a security health snapshot which allows you to gain visibility of the blind spots and weaknesses that are making you vulnerable, giving you the knowledge to invest in remedial and preventative action.

The security audit analyses your network and identifies vulnerabilities from both external and internal attacks, plus current security, accessibility and major issues. If applicable, we will also advise on how to lock down your data and get more out of your current IT infrastructure.

To ensure your business remains vigilant, aware and prepared for evolving cybersecurity threats, we can also undertake quarterly audits which build on our prior findings.


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