Web content filtering



Online content isn’t always safe, and if not properly filtered, can quickly and easily expose your business to risk. With human error behind increasing numbers of infections, it’s important to have technology that stops malicious software in its tracks.

Our web content filtering software protects your network from trojans and malware whilst simultaneously shielding employees from inappropriate online content. It continually scans and monitors incoming threats via the internet and blocks them in real time.

Web content filtering works on a permissions basis, and K3 can configure to users, groups, timeframes, URLs, risk scores and more to suit your business’ internet use. It also ensures that bandwidth is prioritised for business use and where necessary, restricted for personal browsing to help drive productivity and engagement.

With detailed reporting, continual monitoring and 24/7 support, your business gains the visibility to effectively manage resources, spot opportunities for improvement and be better protected against cyberthreats.



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